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Since its inception, Vegas Electric Supply (CED) has focused on meeting its customers’ electrical requirements – one customer at a time. Even though Vegas Electric Supply (CED) has one of the nation’s largest electrical distribution networks, with over 550 locations coast to coast, Vegas Electric Supply (CED) still does business based on the needs of the individual. That’s the way it was when Vegas Electric Supply (CED) began. Vegas Electric Supply’s (CED) policy of Service, Integrity, Reliability is the driving force behind every community served.

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SERVICE – Customer service is given the highest priority at Vegas Electric Supply (CED). By combining an acute awareness of the local community’s needs with the support of Vegas Electric Supply’s (CED) nationwide resources, customers are assured of a consistently high level of service. Vegas Electric Supply’s (CED) commitment to service is best illustrated in its philosophy of ensuring local inventory of products to meet its customers’ requirements. Backing the local availability of products is Vegas Electric Supply’s (CED) qualified team of sales and management professionals. These teams possess both the experience and training to assist their customers in meeting specifications and product application requirements. On a national level, Vegas Electric Supply’s (CED) commitment to service provides the means by which Vegas Electric Supply’s (CED) customers can reduce on-site inventories without interruption to their operations, along with full support of application and product specialists who can ensure facilities and maintenance personnel are kept abreast of product improvements and new product and application introductions

INTEGRITY - Vegas Electric Supply (CED) has maintained a leadership position in the electrical industry by consistently meeting its responsibilities and commitments to its customers, manufacturers and employees. Vegas Electric Supply’s (CED) customers are assured that the products and services offered by Vegas Electric Supply’s (CED) represent the top manufacturers in the electrical industry, who stand behind the performance of their products and are dedicated to providing product innovations to meet the changing requirements of the industry - delivered by a company whose objective is to establish and maintain a relationship built on trust.

In the same manner, Vegas Electric Supply (CED) is committed to providing an environment for its employees that fosters stability and growth opportunities. In this environment, the employees are empowered to excel in meeting both their internal and external customers’ expectations.

RELIABILITY - The key to any business success is dealing with people and products you can depend on. Vegas Electric Supply (CED) recognizes that its long-term growth is built on integrity and responsibility to its customers. In the fulfillment of that philosophy, Vegas Electric Supply (CED) strives to ensure maximum product availability, on time delivery, and competitive pricing, utilizing the most efficient and cost-effective methods possible. Vegas Electric Supply’s (CED) expertise in inventory management and marketing turns these goals into reality. Vegas Electric Supply’s (CED) technical support professionals are available 24 hours a day if required, to assist customers in matching the right products to the right application. These professionals also troubleshoot problems and provide training to ensure that customers’ personnel stay abreast of the newest in product and application innovations. By implementing these value-added services, Vegas Electric Supply’s (CED) customers are assured of a partnership dedicated to achieving the lowest total acquisition cost with the highest levels of service.